New Layout
New Layout! If anyone knows me, they know that I love love love No Doubt, so it's no surprise that I've chosen them to be featured in this new layout. :D It's a simple black and white layout with a splash of color. I played around with the drop shadow and the selection cut out things lol. I like it.

I was looking around for a simple blogging script other than Wordpress that I can use to post updates instead of just typing them here manually, but I couldn't find anything super simple. I mean, I did look at the Livejournal Magpie script, which just displays your LJ posts on your website, but I didn't want to accidently have my private posts show up for the whole internet to see. That would not be good! I also would have to make another LJ account for just updates.

EDIT: I tried to use the LJ Magpie script, and errors upon errors. Guess Im just gonna have to do update manually because I am not messing with Wordpress. I do not have the patience for it.

Posted on: Wednesday November 1, 2017
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