New FLs & Layout

Monday January 23, 2018

I've decided to go a lot more simplistic with the layouts. No more using images and all that shit. Just going to change colors when I feel the need to. Plus I'm really liking this style right now.

Anyway, there's new fanlistings open to join and they are for the number 1982 and the name Vanessa both of which are very much related to me :D.

Ugh! No patience for this!

Thursday January 4, 2018

I really don't have the patience nor the energy to deal with a content management system. I really don't. So what I am going to do, is go old school on this and do everything by hand. I mean, I don't even update that often to warrent anything like that with or without comments. So yeah, screw the emoticons, the options for comments and all that shit. I'm gonna go old school on this shit and that's it. :D

If you happen to have anything to say about the updates to the site or just in general, please feel free to fill out the contact form

Oh yeah, I've adopted back the fanlistings for the album Tragic Kingdom by No Doubt and the song Rich Girl feat. Eve by Gwen Stefani from Catherine @ Those are up and running and waiting for you lovely fans to join! I am still waiting for the members list for those fanlistings and since the Rich Girl FL was removed from, I had to apply for it, so hopefully I will get it lol.

So yeah, that's pretty much it. Hope everyone had a great holiday and Happy New Year! :D