July 21, 2021

It seems that Candyrain.org, my host will no longer be running after August 9th. So that means, I have to find someone else that offers subdomain hosting. Which I have and I am waiting for a reply via email.

I did try to go aback to atwebpages.com, but I was getting so many errors and they didn't even make sense. I uploaded all of the correct files and put them where they were suppose to go, but I was still getting errors with Enthu. The collective stats weren't showing up in the dashboard. So hopefully, when/if I get hosted again, this won't happen and everything will go smoothly. *prays*

Decided after all, I do not want to use anything for updates. I'll just do them manually. It's a lot easier to manage.

Anyway, that's all for now. Any updates in the future will be reguarding me moving hosts and updating FLs links, etc etc.